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Wide Guy Wednesday

Stevenson football takes pride in their offensive line. These Wide Guys are often stereotyped as big and dumb to casual football fans. The casual fan blames the offensive line when a play doesn't succeed and forgets to mention the Wide Guys on a long touchdown run.

But, at Stevenson we know better!

Our offensive lineman are some of the most intelligent group of players in the league. They take classes such as: Advance Placement Government, Calculus, Advance Placement Environmental Science, Advance Placement Physics, and many more challenging subjects. Combined they attend specialty schools such as MADE, Utica Academy of International Studies, and MST. Currently, one will be attending the University of Michigan to further his education.

The lineman push away the stereotype of being big and dumb. Instead, they represent themselves as model students in the classroom yet they transform themselves into wicked and terrifying beasts each and every Friday night when the lights of Runkel turn on.

We are very proud of these young men!

A huge shout out to our coaches Ryan Reason, Randy Reason, and Scott Smykowski. These fine gentlemen know the importance of a good offensive line. Each and every week they beef up the offensive line's camaraderie over a meal at Chickpea. These awesome coaches go above and beyond for our offensive lineman and we are so appreciative!

Wide Guys we are VERY proud of you! Coaches we thank you!

"Offensive line is the only position in all of sports where the sole purpose is to protect another player" - Jon Strolle

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