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Wide Guy Wednesday!

Stevenson Coaches and the Titan Wide Guys celebrating Wide Guy Wednesday at Chickpea Kitchen!

We are so blessed to have a great coaching staff here at Stevenson. All of these great football coaches spend countless hours dedicating themselves to our boys. Not only do they coach football but they give them great opportunities for friendship and camaraderie.

Organized football has a shelf life. Those who have participated in high school football know the opportunity to play this great sport is short lived. After the last snap is taken, football will live on in our boys hearts and spirit because of the camaraderie and friendships they made during their playing days. These relationships develop because of the coaching staff's unselfish devotion to our players.

Wide Guy Wednesday is a great example of the love our coaches have for our boys! Ryan Reason, Randy Reason, and Ron Gerstner took the time to recognize a group of boys who work hard in the trenches. These boys open holes for our running backs and give time for our quarterbacks to pass. Our Wide Guys stamp their name on every play in every game.

Yesterday, our Wide Guys put their stamp on Chickpea Kitchen at 17 Mile & Mound. They gathered together, after practice, and had a meal together and shared some great stories. Unknowing to them, they were creating memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Rumor has it, they also celebrated another Coach Reason birthday! At this rate, Coach Reason may be 80 before the end of the season!

The Titan Touchdown Club and Titan fans love our WIDE GUYS and we really love and appreciate the coaches who take the time to teach our boys the life lessons they will carry with them into adulthood.

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