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The Titan Touchdown Club is excited to be launching an especially important fundraiser to support your athlete and the Stevenson Titan football program.

Today at camp, your athlete will be receiving 20 Gold cards, sponsored by Adrenaline Fundraising, that he will need to sell between July 13th & July 27th. Gold cards are coupon cards our athletes will sell for $20.00 which will raise much needed funds for the 2020 football season.

At the conclusion of today’s camp, representatives of Adrenaline Fundraising and the Titan Touchdown Club, will explain this fundraiser in detail and the expectations of each athlete in making this fundraiser a success. We ask our parents to please follow up with your athlete and encourage them to get these cards sold by the July 27th deadline.

We are asking each athlete to sell a minimum of 20 cards. If you need more cards, please contact Andrea Smith by email: Your athlete has a great opportunity to earn some great incentive prizes upon certain selling benchmarks. The more they sell the more they earn and the better our football program will be in 2020!

Sell 10 cards and receive a $10.00 Buffalo Wild Wings gift card!

Sell 20 cards and receive a customized Stevenson Titan football hoodie!

Sell 35 cards and receive a Nike Elite backpack!

Important dates:

July 13th – Gold Card distribution to players

July 20th – First opportunity to turn in money. This will be done during camp

July 27th – All money and unsold cards must be turned in. This will be done during camp

We must stress the importance of responsibility with these cards. Since these cards hold value, we MUST return all unsold cards. Please stress the importance with your athlete on being responsible for these cards and getting them sold by the July 27th deadline.

On behalf of the Titan Touchdown Club board, I would like to extend our appreciation to everyone in our Titan family for helping make the Stevenson football program the best in the state! GO TITANS!!!

If you have any questions about this fundraiser please feel free to contact Andrea Smith at:


Bob Wathen

President - TTC

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