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Champion life!

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

The Titans finished the 2019 season with an 8-5 record after a tough loss in the state semi-final game. The Davison Cardinals won the overtime thriller by the score of 34-27. All of us, are filled with pride and are ecstatic about your phenomenal season.

Although the 2019 season is over, your quest to become a champion continues. In life, you will need to overcome many obstacles. When faced with these obstacles think back on this great season of 2019.

Reflect on the #TOUGHNESS your team showed against Dakota. The toughness you displayed in the second half was second to none. Because you displayed #TOUGHNESS and kept competing, even though many thought the game was lost, you became District Champs!

Reflect on the #FAITH your team showed against Warren-Mott and Cass Tech. Remember how so many people said it would be to difficult to beat Warren-Mott two weeks in a row? But you had faith, and you prevailed. Don't forget about the comments on social media the week leading up to the Regional Championship against Cass Tech. Nobody believed you would beat the bigger and more athletic Technicians. But, you refused the negativity, and had faith. Once again you prevailed!

Reflect on #FAMILY. Family is what you can rely on when life gets difficult. Family is what will get you through the tough loss against Davison. Because of your Stevenson family, you will realize the hurt and disappointment, you may feel, is temporary.

Our immediate families come in all shapes and sizes. Some are big, while others are small. Some are close while others are not. But with all the differences we have, we have one constant variable we all share, a Titan Family.

Hold your heads up high! All of you have #FAITH. All of you have #FAMILY. All of you have #TOUGHNESS.

You will champion life because you are a Titan!

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