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Thank you letter from our FAMILY

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Back in December, the Titan Touchdown Club was asked and stepped up to lend a helping hand to a Titan family member in need. Nothing more needs to be said than the following letter we received, it says it all about what it means to be FAMILY.

Dear Titan Family,

Thank you!

These words are not enough to express my sincere gratitude for what

was done for my boys and me.

The outpour of help has truly blown us away.

In a time in my life where I felt lost, ashamed and unloved, all of

you showed up and showed out. There will never be enough

days to show how truly grateful we are.

Every card, every gift is not in vain.

It not only helped us but it showed my sons and me that

FAMILY is but a word until actions are put behind it.

You are our FAMILY.

Once a Titan, ALWAYS a Titan.

God Bless you all!

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