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Thank You Cheerleaders!

The Stevenson Titan Football team has been hard at work all summer long. But they aren't the only Stevenson student-athletes who have been dealing with sore muscles, long days, and scorching heat. Anyone who has the opportunity to be around Stevenson this summer has undoubtedly seen the cheer team working as hard as our beloved football team.

We love our Cheerleaders and want to thank them for the unselfish love and support throughout the year. We are one big family and we appreciate you!

As both teams prepped for the big game against Rockford, some players may have started to peak away from practice at a very familiar truck that was pulling up to Runkel Field. The Kona Ice Truck had arrived.

What an AWESOME cheerleading squad we have here at Stevenson! Our Stevenson Cheer Team treated our football team to some Kona Ice after a hot day of practice. What a great way to end a tough practice.

Thank you to our Cheerleaders and Coach Callie for treating the Stevenson Titan football team to Kona Ice Cream! And, as always, thank you for the support every Friday night!

We will do you proud this season and yes...WE HEAR YOU!


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