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Teammate of the Year and Damon Igel scholarship winner

Most of us will remember the 2019 Stevenson Titan football season as, one to remember. It was a fun season involving a bunch of wonderful young men who believed in themselves. Because of this belief, they exceeded everyone’s expectations. One of those players was Josef Lombardo.

Joe is a soon to be graduating senior who played his last high school football game against Davison. We are sure it was difficult for him to see the end of his high school football career, but his journey has just begun! He will soon be heading off to college and we are excited to see his continued development in adulthood.

Joe was a beast during the game! He pushed his opponents around while playing on the offensive line. But after the game, his great sense of humor and contagious positive attitude would bring happiness and hope to others. Some have described Josef as fiercely loyal. His loyalty made his teammates realize that when games got tough, Josef had your back. He is a gentle giant who supports others when needed.

Joe is a young man you want on your side!

Having a great sense of humor, contagious positivity, and being loyal may be the key reasons why his teammates selected him as Teammate of the Year. Whatever the reasons may be, the 2019 Stevenson Titans football team saw something special in Joe.

During his time away from football Joe, works in the school retail store and captains the Titan lacrosse team. Between homework and practices, Joe still finds the time to be a valued employee at Andiamos banquet hall. If he isn’t at work or practicing on Runkel field, you’ll probably see him shooting some hoops or lifting weights at a gym. Joe has an interest in a business degree and plans to attend Macomb Community College with a desire to transfer to Oakland University.

Recently, Joe became the winner of the Damon Igel scholarship award for the 2019 year. We were excited to learn that Joe won this scholarship as he was very deserving. The scholarship will assist Joe in reaching his dreams in obtaining his business degree. We look forward to watching Joe as he continues to grow into the great man, we all expect him to become.

We are confident that Joe is going to be a successful man as he enters adulthood. Joe has great personality characteristics, learned great values playing football at Stevenson, and has been raised by two wonderful parents, Delena and Frank, so there is no doubt that Joe will continue making a tremendous impact on the world upon graduation from Stevenson.

Thanks Joe for begin a great Titan and congratulations on being awarded the Damon Igel scholarship!

The Titan Touchdown Club would love to feature more Titan players like Joe! Have someone in mind? Reach out to Bob Wathen at

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