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2nd Annual Kickoff Picnic!

On August 27, 2019 members from the Stevenson Titans Football, Dance, Cheer, and Band came together at Dodge Park to celebrate the start of the upcoming season. There was over 200 people in attendance and a great time was had by all. All of these students have sacrificed TONS of time during the summer, and will continue to do so, to prepare themselves for this year. We look forward to seeing them in action this upcoming season.

The Titan Touchdown Club would like to extend our gratitude to: Shelly Delph, Karen Blair, May Mearim, Jennifer Mrozek, Callie Marcinkowski, Karen Zelda, Beth Folz, Anne Kraemer, Corry Olszewski, and Vicki Carlino for making the 2nd Annual Kick-Off Picnic a huge success! We cannot thank you enough for stepping up and making the 2nd Annual Kick-Off Picnic a great event for the students!

The Titan Touchdown Club also appreciates all the parents who donated items for this event.

As the season rolls on, these groups that make Friday nights so special for the community will need your continued support. Take the time to volunteer for upcoming events, make a donation, and most importantly show up on Friday nights and cheer on your Titans!


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