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The Titan Touchdown Club keeps on rolling and has decided one is not enough . We are celebrating TWO Titan alums this Tuesday.....or should we call it, Twosday.

Welcome back Titan fans to Day 2 of Once #FAMILY – Always #FAMILY. We are days away from the big clash between our beloved Stevenson Titans and the pesky Eisenhower Eagles. We look forward to seeing you all at the game, especially our alumni!

Let's get going!


Today we welcome a past football player who learned how to be a great football player and human being under Coach Rick Bye. If you weren’t in the bleachers watching #58, playing at center, you may have been watching Roseanne, In the Heat of the Night, Married with Children, or maybe, China Beach. Maybe you just ran out of Aqua Net and were not able to get the big hair exactly the way you wanted so you decided to stay home. Whatever your excuse was, you missed some of the great teams of the 80’s!

Jason Schmittler, our football alum, played from 1986-1988. He can brag a bit about his playing days and team. During the year’s Jason played for Stevenson, his combined win/loss record was 27-4! His team marched through the playoffs and earned the opportunity to play at the Pontiac Silverdome but, Jason is no Al Bundy! You will rarely hear him brag about his team's success. Rather Jason remembers his time playing Stevenson football as an honor and a privilege.

Jason is a great Titan! He has worked hard his entire life after graduating from Stevenson. Jason received a master’s degree in business and is currently employed with the Shelby Township Police Department. About 26 years ago, Jason entered into the police force as a rookie and has since rose up the ranks to the position of Captain. Now, that is something Stevenson can be proud of!

If you follow along this week, you'll probably notice a similarity about our football alums. They all place a HUGE emphasis and value on family. Jason is no exception. Jason is happily married with three boys and one daughter who range from 26 to two years old.

If Jason could jump in a time machine, or should we say a hot tub time machine, he’d be sent back to the 80’s to his playing days and change only one thing. Jason said he would like to take on more of a leadership role.

When it comes to memories of Jason’s playing days at Runkel Field, he recalls the playoff month leading to the state finals at the Silverdome as one of his fondest moments. Oh, and what offensive lineman wouldn’t mention the team dinners as being one of the best memories. The workouts and school spirit also made his list of great football memories!

Unfortunately, it is time for Jason to get back to protecting and serving his community. So, we have to wrap it up with one last question. Our current Titan football players are looking for advice from some of our past Titan players who have made a great impact on the field and in their adulthood, so, what’s your advice?

“If you have a choice between talent or desire, choose desire” he replied!

Thanks again to Captain Jason Schmittler for being part of Once #FAMILY – Always #FAMILY.

You make Titan Nation proud and we thank you for your service to the community and for being a great Titan! Jason we would love for you to stop by Runkel Field this Friday as we cheer our Titans and encourage them to CRUSH IKE!

Hey Titan Nation......don't stop here we have more this Twosday! Keep scrolling down!


Not long ago, you may remember a young man who wore the number #20. He flew around the field chasing down opponents and ran the ball on offense. Jared Cutlip played, from 2013 to 2015, under Stevenson coach Kevin Frederick. He played both sides of the ball at Safety and Running Back. Jared was a great player for Stevenson, but is developing into a better man. He is readying himself to make a huge impact in the world, an impact, his Stevenson family can be proud of!

During his playing days at Stevenson, Jared won many awards. One of the biggest awards he received was being named to the 1st Team All-State list. Jared was a member of the East All-Star team and served as a team captain, for the Titans, for two years. He still tops the list as Stevenson’s all-time leader in solo tackles. But, where is Jared now?

To find Jared, you’ll need to travel to the east coast and into the country's smallest State. Jared spends most of his time in Providence, Rhode Island pursuing a degree in Business-Economics at Brown University. When Jared’s long day of classes end, he rushes over to football practice where he currently plays Middle Linebacker for the Brown Bears.

Last week, when the Titans played the Dakota Cougars, things did not turn out very well for our team. But Jared reminds us to keep our heads up, and to remember that the long consecutive win streak Dakota had against MAC Red teams was ended, when our Stevenson Titans beat up on the Cougars! Jared recalls this win against Dakota as one of his favorite memories from his Titan playing days.

Jared was asked what lessons he learned, during his Stevenson playing days, that carried over into his adult life. Jared said the lesson he carries, is with hard work, and a commitment to excellence, anything can happen! We agree, Jared!

Hey Jared! This week the Titans kickoff against our long-time nemesis, the Eisenhower Eagles. Do you have any advice to give our current players? Jared states he would tell the players, “football is gone before you know it and you will miss it when it’s gone. You have your whole life to do other things. Appreciate every day you get as a football player!”

Thanks for letting us catch up with you Jared! We know you are a busy man but we would love to see you back at Runkel Field to cheer on our Titans. Never forget – Once #FAMILY Always #FAMILY!

That’s all folks! Twosday is done and tomorrow brings us one day closer to kickoff! The Titan Touchdown Club kind of likes this Twosday thing……hmmm! Maybe we will do it again, tomorrow? There is only one way to find, out so check back tomorrow!

Until then, visit the Titan Touchdown Website at where you will find great information and links to our social media accounts. Want to see all the alumni featured so far? Visit:


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