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Day 3 - Once #FAMILY Always #FAMILY

Time is flying and the Homecoming game is almost upon us. The team has been practicing hard and we continue to look forward to Friday's kickoff. During the game, the Titan Touchdown Club will be hosting a Teacher Appreciation. Everyone has that special teacher in their life who helped us become who we are today. Oftentimes, these teachers do not get the recognition they deserve. If you are a teacher, consider coming to the game this Friday, September 27th at 7:00 PM, and see how much Titan Nation loves and supports you!

The Titan Touchdown Club will be hosting a Bowling Fundraiser for the Titan football program on October 12th from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM at 5 Star Lanes (2666 Metro Parkway). This fundraiser is open to all and check in begins at 12:30 PM. For more information click here and to register click here!

Your support of the Stevenson Titan Touchdown Club is greatly appreciated and all funds raised directly supports our team!

We are happy to have you all back for Day 3 of our Once #FAMILY Always #FAMILY. We are excited about today's football alum! Let's get to it!


The big game against the Eisenhower Eagles is soon upon us, fortunately, we have time to visit another alum who played football for Stevenson. Today we welcome a graduate from the class of ’95. He wore the number #85 for the Titans and played Tight End under Coach Rick Bye and assistant coaches Fiott, Laj, Smitty, Kerr and Gaz.

Have a seat, grab a coffee, and be prepared to burst with pride. Let's welcome, today’s Stevenson Titan football alum, Steve Miscavish.

After graduating from Stevenson, Steve pursued and obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Finance from the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. Steve is currently working as a Chief Financial Officer and partner of a successful investment real estate company. He has been involved in the sale of more than $8.5 billion of investments in real estate assets. Yes, that is BILLIONS with a “B”.

When Steve is done working, he comes home to his biggest investment he is involved in, his family. Steve is married to Izabela and has two kids named Ana who is four years old, growing fast, and her younger sister Kate who is two.

We asked Steve what he likes to do in his free time and were amazed how he lives life to the fullest. Steve says he goes on annual adventures in his free time. He works hard and plays hard to keep life interesting. Some of his favorite adventures include making the summit of Mr. Rainier, hiking an Alaskan glacier, flying a fighter jet, driving a race car, sailing around the Virgin Islands, jumping out of an airplane, and rock climbing in South Dakota. Steve has also been in a movie!

We are excited to learn about Steve’s life since graduation, but we were very curious to know any life lessons he received from playing football at Stevenson which carried over into adult life. Steve states one of the biggest lessons he learned was the value of hard work, “It’s not easy, but you put in work every day and it will pay off. There are no shortcuts." Steve speaks about the value of being on a team and knowing that you can rely on them and them on you. Playing football for Stevenson has taught him about getting knocked down but the real value of the lesson is learning how to get back up.

One of our favorite questions we ask our Stevenson football alums is about their favorite memory while playing football at Stevenson. Steve’s answer gave us chills! Steve answered, “The brotherhood. Being in the trenches with your teammates and learning to depend on the guys next to you. I’ll never forget my last game. We got bombed by the Troy Colts in the semi-finals. It wasn’t the ending that we hoped for, but there we stood together at the end of the game, a band of brothers. I’ll never forget this!”

During Steve’s playing years, he was fortunate to be on some good teams. Steve recalls that midway through one of his seasons his dad pulled him aside and told him, “Son, you’ll be on a lot of teams in your life. When you’re on a good team, a winning team, you have to take a step back, appreciate it and enjoy the ride”.

That is some great advice by Steve’s dad. We asked Steve, what advice he would give the current Titans. Steve states, “Your days of playing football are not unlimited. When your career is over you’ll miss it like you can’t believe. You owe it to yourself and your teammates, to give it EVERYTHING you have until it’s over!” He would also refer to a quote many football players have heard over the years by coaching legend, Rick Bye – “Everyday, you either get better or you get worse. You never stay the same.”

Steve thanks for sharing and never forget Once #FAMILY Always #FAMILY! Hope to see you at the game!

See everyone in the bleachers on September 27th at 7:00 PM.


Check back tomorrow as we will have another two for one!

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