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Stevenson Football Partners with ATAVUS

Improving our players' technique and overall safety is paramount. Because of the generosity of the Titan Touchdown Club, and Coach Newcomb and his staff’s focus on player safety, we were able to purchase Guardian Caps for all our Stevenson players. This was a great investment which will directly impact your player and the Stevenson Titan Football program. We are one of the few football programs, in the State of Michigan, that offers Guardian Caps for all their players.

As we near kickoff, Coach Newcomb and the Titan Touchdown Club are excited to announce our partnership with ATAVUS. ATAVUS was founded in 2011 and has since grown to become the world’s leading authority on tackle performance, analysis, and coaching techniques. Their customer base spreads across all levels of football and includes the Michigan State Spartans.

The Michigan State Spartans had a dismal season in 2016, finishing 3-9. The Spartans then reached out to ATAVUS and formed a partnership and saw a dramatic improvement in their defense. The Spartans improved the Defensive Efficiency ranking from #83 to #17, reduced yards after contact by 8.4%, and most importantly decreased unnecessary head contact by 22%.

You can read more about the partnership between ATAVUS and the Michigan State Spartans by clicking here:

This tackling system by ATAVUS is well respected. So respected and trusted, that all Texas high school football coaches are required to be certified in the ATAVUS tackling system. The Titan Touchdown Club is excited to hear that our program is on the cutting edge and in front of the competition. We will be one of only two teams in the State of Michigan to adopt the safer and more effective ATAVUS tackling system.

ATAVUS will help our program in many ways. Working alongside our coaching staff, ATAVUS provides year-round services that will improve the overall safety and performance of our players.

Off season:

· Program Review report i.e. - “State of the Program” Assessment. Analysis of key learnings from the prior season (through game and practice film review) to establish a benchmark, as well as suggested next steps

· Kickoff webinar with the coaching staff, including full on boarding and training

· Digital Tackling Academy with year-round access for up to 15 coaches

· Program Calendar Development and Goal Setting


· Tailored summer tackle curriculum

· One Practice Film Assessment (“PFA”) for Tackle Drills

· Execution/Technique Meeting


· Two PFAs for Tackle Drills

· Periodic check-in with program champion

We are ecstatic about ATAVUS and appreciate Coach Newcomb bringing this to the attention of the Titan Touchdown Club. We are very fortunate to have a coaching staff that makes player safety and their play improvement a priority.

ATAVUS and the recent purchase of Guardian Caps are two great examples of how the efforts of the Titan Touchdown Club reach our Stevenson football players. The Titan Touchdown Club greatly appreciates all who have volunteered and those who have donated to the Club. If you would like to donate, volunteer or learn more about the Titan Touchdown Club, please visit

To view a quick video on ATAVUS visit this YouTube link:

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